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Orchid Themis

ALPACA WOOL blue socks with a sparkling edge

ALPACA WOOL blue socks with a sparkling edge

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Alpaca wool blue socks for women
The ribbed edge is woven with sparkling yarn

Alpacas are mainly bred for their excellent wool. Alpaca wool is shiny and silky, soft and luxurious. Alpaca wool is considered to be 7 times warmer and 3 times stronger than sheep's wool, it is not prickly and does not contain lanolin, so it is allergy-free. Wool is available in 22 different natural shades. The carding, spinning and weaving of alpaca wool is very similar to that of sheep's wool. Alpacas are generally sheared once a year in the spring. Each shearing yields about 2.2 to 4.5 kg of wool. Wool quality is measured in microns (mc-micron), but other properties are also taken into account, such as wool uniformity. They also determine the price of wool.

Color: blue
Composition: 27% alpaca wool, 58% acrylic, 12% polyamide, 3% lurex
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